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July 10, 2018
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A millennium of modern creative endeavors has shown that there are two basic archetypes of Suck: A.) poor planning that invariably leads to a giant ruins of Fail; and B.) an overambitious skyscraper where executive efforts to live up to the Big Plans ineitably fall short. The trick is to aim for the sweet spot between those two buildings.

vAs of now, the shape of the book is seven chapters, with five recurring storylines. Each of those five will be at a certain point of the Underdog Lifecycle as of the book's epilogue.

What all these stories will have in common: a.) They've all avoided the launch failure that besets 99% of David-esque efforts, and b.) They've all overcame the odds to achieve success, either as a temporary flash or a full-on Goliath.

We're not interested in those incredibly rare cases that stay up in the clouds forever -- because sic transit gloria, our chosen stories will have either fallen back to earth or will be in the process of yielding to inevitable gravity. Our focus is on the full circle, and what's been learned once the journey is complete: the Hero's Journey for losers.

What will these exact five stories and arcs be, and how will everything match up? Making these final choices is our goal for July; heavy research, interviews and travel all begin after that.


Our other goal for July is to reach the $6,000 plateau, or two-thirds of the final goal (as of this writing, we are a little over $1,000 away). We are keeping pace with our fundraising schedule so far, which is great! If you or anyone you know might be interested in being a Joiner-Inner, please check out the link... or share on your Facebox and Tooter if you're so inclined to spread the word.


There is now a central website for PDH at Once we're out of working-title phase in the winter (and I hope you'll help choose a good one), it will have a much better dot-com domain name. In the meantime, I've dusted off an old Mid-Majority nugget from 2009 about the "under dog in the fight", so you can get a taste of the direction this is all going in.


If you donated at the Shocking Upset level, you have access to the PDH Slack discussion group. (If you're not set up for it and should be, please let me know.) Its primary purpose is as a forum to discuss and review book progress, but there's a side discussion going on about beating the odds at the World Footsoccer 2018 as well.

Thanks again to all of you. Until next time (probably late August or September),

Yer pal,

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