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I Am The David

What this is is not a test, it’s an actual third-draft excerpt from the upcoming book. It also has a title now (spoiler alert, it’s David and Goliath: A Love Story).

The Present, The Past and The Dream

Virtually nobody reads the story of David and Goliath as a tragedy, despite the fact that it ends in the death of one combatant via blunt force impact.

I Was Supposed To Die Back There. But I Didn't!

David and Goliath were mortal men. Two entered the arena, and one left alive. This is not the momentous measure present in any modern David and Goliath stories.

Being What You Do

"You are what you do." This is a Jungian mantra that's helped mark the boundaries of personhood in modern industrial societies for the past century, and it still pops up in postmodern self-help materials by libertarian charlatans.

The Arc

A millennium of modern creative endeavors has shown that there are two basic archetypes of Suck: A.) poor planning that invariably leads to a giant ruins of Fail; and B.) an overambitious skyscraper where executive efforts to live up to the Big Plans ineitably fall short. The trick is to aim for the sweet spot between those two buildings.


Few have patience for the whole story. This site is about the chapter, not the verse... the book, not the brief passage.